Artism, I mean autism.


When I told my aunt about Ben’s diagnosis of autism she said, “well your daddy couldn’t speak until he was about four, the only words he said were, this and that.” I bring that up because her brother was one of those crazy artist, (I use the word crazy intentionally, I was a psych major) and I am an artist, paid as an art director for national television commercials. In fact most people in my family have said about Ben’s diagnosis, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

I kinda take the apple business as a compliment.




The above three sold in 2004 for 4.5 million dollars. The artist is not Ben it is Cy Twombly. Maybe Ben is artistic and not autistic, maybe the apple fell right on top of me.

2 responses to “Artism, I mean autism.

  1. I was looking at Ben’s drawings, specifically the one of the person eating the cake, from what I understand, it’s a developmental milestone when children start drawing hair on people and I definately see hair! 🙂 -I’m sure you have probably already heard this though.
    I started reading your site for two reasons, I was doing research into the H1N1 Vaccine because I was forced to have my baby vaccinated with it or I’d lose childcare and two because I have a 5 year-old niece who has similar symptoms to your son; lack of eye contact and affection, increased activity/behavior issues and sensory sensitivity. Thank you for sharing your story it’s very informative. I hope Ben and your family is doing well.

  2. Ben surprises me all the time with how fast he is moving towards recovery. It is an enormous amount of work, and much more is needed but we are rewarded from time to time making it all worthwhile.

    For the time being, Ben seems to have lost his earlier interest in drawing. Sadly we have to respect that. His attention is now more focused on reciting lines from The Polar Express and Little Bear.

    Im curious about this forced vaccination of your baby, if you will, please email me sometime at bensmyson (at)

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