Ben at 3 months of age

One response to “Ben at 3 months of age

  1. A little background regarding this video. First of all Erica really worked with Ben since he was born. She would put colors in front of his face for 30 minutes or more a day. It was his “school” where Erica would read, talk, count, spell things that Ben would absolutely have no idea about, that is until I over heard school one day.

    I was in another room when I heard Erica say, “Good boy, good. Now which one orange? …Good!” I peeked around the corner and saw her with some flash cards playing this game you see in the video. I watched as he took his hand time and time again picking the correct color.

    I grabbed my camera and snapped a video of what took place. Ben was about 80% correct.

    Hell I was impressed he was responding to Erica’s commands to reach out his hand and touch a card. My God the kid is 3 months old.

    Of course this video has been picked apart by many, “Ben is taking cues from Erica’s eye” “Erica is holding one card closer than another” “Ben reaches for the wrong on and Erica moves it out of range”

    Whatever, I saw it, I was impressed.

    None-the-less, Ben was participating, engaged in a game with his mom at 3 months.

    At 10 months he was more independent, not strapped to a seat as he was at 3 months, he was on his feet, and crawling. He had to be bribed to play the game. But he understood the rules, played the game, took interest in it.

    Later on Ben played the game differently. He would pick every color wrong, 100% of the time. He had a 50/50 chance and yet wrong every time. I told Erica it is intentional. Rebellion. After all he was like a year old or more. She stopped playing the game with him for a long time after that. It seemed he wasn’t even enjoying it, not even looking her in the eye, so she quit. Must be rebellion.

    Or autism.

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