We Are An Army

With new statistics coming out showing that the true number of children with autism is close to one in one hundred it is today that we need to pick up our weapon of choice and fight autism with every ounce of strength we have, but not alone, with others, within our community there are warriors of incredible strength and providers of impenetrable armor, find them, link hands and attack, attack as if your child’s life depended on it.

18 responses to “We Are An Army

  1. Rene Najrea is right, you’re all a Legion, a scourge upon society. You are many, but your base is weak, full of nothing but anecdotes and innuendo. How much will you spend on your little crusade? Wouldn’t that pay for a well thought-out study, like the ones you keep putting down?
    No, you rather pick a fight, like the good demons that you are.

  2. “Warren Jedden

    * Gender: Male
    * Industry: Science
    * Location: United States

    About Me

    I recently graduated from an accredited program in Public Health. Unlike most of the loon-ish people out there giving their opinions on how dangerous vaccines and other medical/public health interventions are, I actually know something about them. And I have the grades to prove it.”

    You may “have the grades” to prove you knew enough in your community college to pass a class or two about how to look over insurance forms, but until you have a child diagnosed with autism and medical records proving a brain injury, you have nothing.

  3. Warren Jedden

    Ha! Typical. You plan on me telling you where I went to school by writing that about community college?
    Your son would be better off if YOU went to community college.
    So your son has autism, big deal. You waste all your time talking about it? What, are your going to write it out of existence?
    I wonder what Ben will think when he grows up and realizes his Dad just spent all his time in front of a computer instead of getting him some REAL help.

  4. Amanda Bruckner

    What is real help for autism exactly? And what are you doing to benefit children with autism? You smell a little to me like mental illness and that is an entirely different arena you’d be better off fighting under your bed.

  5. Real help according to Warren is going to the nearest Walgreens to pick up a bottle of Risperdal and stuffing them down a child’s throat and locking him in a padded room. Private pay of course.

    Seriously Warren, what is it you get out of attacking me and my son? I know what I get out of the time I spend posting about autism, I get help for my son, but what is it you get? Have you run out of kittens to torture?

  6. Warren Jedden

    Attacking your son? I have nothing but compassion for your son. It is YOU and your misguided attempt at parenting that I have nothing but contempt for. You put yourself out here in the public light, and you are now fair game. You love the attention, and now you’re getting it.
    Notice how you didn’t answer Amanda’s question. Instead, you came after me. That’s what you antivaxxers do, play misdirection, just like all good snake oil salesmen at a carnival. You won’t listen to reason because you don’t like the answers. Guess what? Life isn’t fair. Get over it. Your son needs your unending devotion and attention. Leave the hate for age of autism and be a parent.

  7. Amanda is a friend of mine and she was addressing you. It is you that is avoiding the questions, so come on, what is it you get from personal attacks? I believe Amanda is onto something when she says, “You smell a little to me like mental illness and that is an entirely different arena you’d be better off fighting under your bed.”

    “Your son needs your unending devotion and attention.”


    When someone sneaks up to your mother, hits her in the back of the head with a baseball bat, remember your own words, “Guess what? Life isn’t fair. Get over it.”

    Get real!

  8. Hit my mother with a bat? Why, that sounds like a clear and undeniable threat. I mean, replace that sentence with your son instead of my mother, put it on my blog, and how would you react?

    You’d react reasonably, I’m sure.

    Amanda, real help for autism is not blogging about it all day, or trolling for comments. Real help for autism is not calling for the death and destruction of people you disagree with. Real help for autism is not what Ben’s parents do.

  9. Warren you’re done here. You need help.

  10. Oh, no, not by a long shot. You put yourself out here in cyberspace, and you will like it. You can erase my comments, but I’ll comment again. You can ban my ip address, but I’ll just use a proxy, I will destroy you.

    You make all your threats about how mighty of an army you antivaccine loons are, and, yet, you get all worked up about one lone commenter? Laughable.

  11. Chambersburg Hospital
    112 North Seventh Street
    Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

    Let me know how things go Monday morning.

  12. I hope poor Warren at that hospital doesn’t find it too much of a bother that we share the same name.

    I know how WordPress works. I’m not an idiot. It gives you the ip address of every location from where I leave you a message. One time I’ll be in “Chambersburg”, another in Erfurt. Tomorrow I’ll be in Orage County, California.

    (Check my IP address again. We can play this game all you want… Or you can take care of your son. Your call.)

  13. I wonder if the real issue is that your family are what we farmers used to call “run out stock?

    When I see how fat you are, I can’t help but think there’s something wrong there.

  14. Hi, Ben’s Parents. Just checking in from Toronto… Or it it Erfut… Maybe Paris? Maybe Miami. Or was it Atlanta? (Hint: one of those is right, and the other, the one WordPress is giving you, is just a spoof.) Anyway… Just checking to see what you were up to. I see you’re quiet… Wondering where that “war” of yours is. And have you read that paper that, once again, conclusively kills any link between vaccines and autism? Have a great day!

  15. Thanks for checking in Warren. Are you talking about the $20 million dollar award by the Vaccine Court to Hannah Poling? http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-31727_162-20015982-10391695.html

  16. Ben’s parents: an invitation to join us on a FB page, Great Mothers Questioning Vaccines. It’s not restricted to women – I’m an okay grandfather, myself.

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